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2024 Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp Registrations are now opened here! Summer Camps – Mastery School of Music™ (msmvan.com) Choose from the following camps: and combine with a Games/Art Activity 1/2 day camp.

Concerto Competition Winners!

Congratulations to the winners! Elementary PianoJasmine ZhouTeacher: Mary Jo Carrabre Elementary Winds/StringsLeah Hughes, fluteTeacher: Mikyla Jensen Junior PianoMartina LiuTeacher: Mary Jo Carrabre Junior Winds/StringsJasmine Yang, celloTeacher: Aireleen Zhu Honorable Mention MedalsSion and Daon Park, violinTeacher: Gillian Carrabre Intermediate Woodwinds/StringsGreyson Chang, violinTeacher: Conor Stuart Intermediate PianoAugust XuTeacher: Clinton Denoni Senior Woodwinds/StringsSunny…

Volunteers needed for Summer Camps

Choose any week of the Summer Camps starting July 2nd. Either 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or 12:30 p.m. to 4p.m. Sign up with a friend. A letter will be written by the school to record the volunteer hours.  For more information about the Summer Camps, visit: Summer Camps – Mastery…

Concerto Competition (Mar 3rd)

We are pleased to announce that Krystyna Tucka will be our piano adjudicator and Marea Chernoff will be our strings/woodwind adjudicator.   Bios will follow soon. Piano Category: 1:30-4:30pm Strings/Woodwinds Category: 3:30-5:30pm March 3, 2023 @ MSMV (3996 Shrum Lane)

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In Other News . . .

Gifted Artists Concerto Gala 2025

The next Gifted Artists Concerto Gala will be held in spring of 2025 and we will accept applications this coming summer of 2024. Please email MSMVan for more information.

Watch Derek Lowe’s performance at the 2022 Gifted Artists Concerto Gala

Watch Owen Wang’s performance at the 2022 Gifted Artists Concerto Gala

Watch Adam Sun’s amazing performance at the 2019 Gifted Artists Concerto Gala

Adam Sun is a student of Burnaby North Secondary School. He started learning piano with Irina Faletski when he was 7 years old. Adam participated in various music competition in Vancouver and received many distinctions from several festivals such as the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival and Festival on the Lake.

He likes collaborating with other musicians and, last summer, he took part in an ensemble for four pianists, a new piece written by Canadian composer Alex Pechenyuk, the name being “Summer Overture.”

In 2018 Adam was 2nd place winner of the Canadian Music Competition. At the time of performing in the 2019 Gifted Artists Concerto Gala, Adam was 11 years old. Adam performed the A. Rubinstein Piano Concerto No. 4 in D minor, Opus 70.

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