Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival

This student of Dr. Gillian Carrabré placed 2nd with a mark of 88% in the recent (2021) Vancouver Kiwanis festival. Congratulations to Brandon Wong, who started learning the violin just 9 months ago! The piece is Gavotte by Gossec.

Past Results

The Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival 2019 is now over and Mastery is pleased to announce the following students who won top honours. Congratulations to them and their teachers!

First Place Winner

Student Class Teacher
Ginger Lam Piano – Grade 10 Chopin Elisabeth Stuart

Second Place Winners

Student Class Teacher
Julia Cho Piano – Canadian Grade 4 Jee Yeon Ryu
Mark Zhitnitsky Piano – Grade 9 Baroque Jee Yeon Ryu

Third Place Winners

Student Class Teacher
Julia Cho Piano – Classical Grade 5 Jee Yeon Ryu
Owen Zhao Piano – Classical Grade 4 Elisabeth Stuart
Gary Zhuo Piano – Concert Group Grade 4 Elisabeth Stuart