Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival

This student of Dr. Gillian Carrabré placed 2nd with a mark of 88% in the recent (2021) Vancouver Kiwanis festival. Congratulations to Brandon Wong, who started learning the violin just 9 months ago! The piece is Gavotte by Gossec.

Past Results

The Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival 2019 is now over and MSMVan™ is pleased to announce the following students who won top honours. Congratulations to them and their teachers!

First Place Winner

Student Class Teacher
Ginger Lam Piano – Grade 10 Chopin Elisabeth Stuart

Second Place Winners

Student Class Teacher
Julia Cho Piano – Canadian Grade 4 Jee Yeon Ryu
Mark Zhitnitsky Piano – Grade 9 Baroque Jee Yeon Ryu

Third Place Winners

Student Class Teacher
Julia Cho Piano – Classical Grade 5 Jee Yeon Ryu
Owen Zhao Piano – Classical Grade 4 Elisabeth Stuart
Gary Zhuo Piano – Concert Group Grade 4 Elisabeth Stuart
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