Preschool Music Makers Level 3

Ages 4 – 5 years

Semester 1, September – January

  1. Movement
    • Physical reactions to high, low, and middle sounds
    • Physical reactions to slow and fast music
  2. Rhythm
    • Quarter note, quarter rest
    • Half note, half rest
    • Eighth note
    • Sixteenth note
  3. Singing and Group Playing
    • Singing short melodies accompanied by percussion instruments
    • Following a steady beat in different tempos on different percussion instruments
  4. Musical Elements
    • Applying staccato, crescendo, and accelerando to singing and playing
  5. Instruments
    • Playing different percussion instruments such as the xylophone, bells, tambourine, shaker, castanet, wood block, and wood clave
    • Playing the C major scale on short melodies on the glockenspiel
  6. Note Reading
    • Reading C major scale notes with the help of letters
    • Adding rhythm values to note reading

Semester 2, February – June

  1. Movement
    • Physical reaction to melodic phrases and musical expressions like forte, piano, staccato, legato, crescendo, diminuendo, accelerando, and ritardando
    • Incorporating movement and singing
  2. Rhythm
    • Combining different rhythmic patterns
    • Playing parallel rhythmic patterns in a group
  3. Singing and Group Playing
    • Playing rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment on percussion and pitched instruments
    • Shaping a little orchestra: incorporating percussion and melodic instruments with melodic lines and singing while applying crescendo, diminuendo, ritardando, and accelerando to singing and playing
  4. Orchestration
    • Knowing musical instrument families
    • Recognizing the sounds of different instruments
  5. Instruments
    • Playing complete melodies on the glockenspiel
    • Learning G, A, B, C, D, and E on the recorder or flute and playing short melodies
  6. Note Reading
    • Introduction to note reading without written alphabet names