Gifted Artists Concerto Gala

The 2022 Gifted Artists Concerto Gala will be held on May 1st at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts. Further information and applications for the 2022 Gifted Artists Concerto Gala are available from the Director at . The application deadline is November 1st, 2021. You can download the application form here.

Below, you can watch the amazing performance of Athena Deng at the 2015 Concerto Gala.

The Concerto Gala is an opportunity for talented students to perform with a professional orchestra—the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra—at the prestigious Chan Centre. Last year’s event was sold out. According to Mozart School of Music Director, Olga Lockwood, only one in 100, 000 music students ever get the opportunity to play with a live orchestra. When the school opened in 2009, Lockwood had a vision of providing the opportunity for students to perform with a professional orchestra. Her dream led her to the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra where she met with Conductor Kenneth Hsieh. Ms Lockwood reflects that [Hsieh’s] goals aligned with mine in that he wanted to give young professional orchestra players an opportunity to perform. The training to perform with an orchestra is so different from the goals in our teaching studios, for recitals, competitions, or examinations. This opportunity is unique and stretches our gifted young students to a higher level. I am so excited that we can provide this training and this wonderful professional experience for students.

The audition for the Concerto Gala requires one movement of a concerto limited to 15 minutes. Memorization is preferred. The performance fee for young pianists who pass the audition is $4,000. The fee includes

  • three master classes,
  • private session with the conductor prior to the orchestra dress rehearsal,
  • two dress rehearsals with the orchestra,
  • practice room,
  • accompanist fees for four recitals or master classes,
  • professional headshots,
  • lunch on the day of performance,
  • free tickets for the family, and
  • a professional DVD recording of the concert.

Past participants and parents, alike, speak highly of the event, as evidenced by their responses such as the ones below.

Dear Olga,
Thank you a lot for spending lots of time with me for my concerto. I learned many things from this special experience; I really enjoyed my time in the Chan Center. Thank you for making this event possible. 🙂

Hi Ms. Lockwood,
Thank you again for that absolutely AMAZING experience! I still can’t believe it’s already over; it seems like only yesterday K&R were calling to tell us about the Concerto Gala, and now … just wow.
It was truly a unique opportunity and I can’t properly express how thankful I am that I was able to be a part of it. In all honesty, I was kind of a nervous wreck the morning of the concert; but as soon as I got onstage and sat down at the piano everything just went away. The fact that we had already had numerous rehearsals and master classes that “forced” us to keep up our pieces was definitely a huge help, just like you said! Last night was my first performance with an orchestra and it was simply, well, amazing. I loved that I could just focus on the music and nothing else, without the weight of an adjudication panel looming nearby. Neither my parents nor I can thank you enough for organizing all of this.
I hope that next year, MSM will have another gala just as great as this one was 🙂

Hello Olga,
We have to congratulate you on a big success Sunday. It was amazing how well everyone played—each player really rose to the occasion— the orchestra made a vast, quick improvement. Ken Hsieh couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating, and, in general, we think it could not have gone better. You should be very pleased.

Dear Olga,
Congratulations! Thank you very much for your offering this so wonderful Concerto Gala. I was impressed by your sophisticated organization.
Hope these kinds of activities will be continuing.
Thanks again and have a great week.

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