Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child get started with music?

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If you want your child to study music from the earliest age, then you should start with the toddlers’ Orff class on Saturdays. Later starting points for older children are also available. You may wish to call the office during opening hours at 604-568-5854 to discuss the best starting point for your child. You may check school and office hours here.

How long should the private lesson be?

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Thirty minute lessons are recommended for very young children ages 4-7 and also for some other beginners. Following the first year of lessons, the recommended length of lessons is 45 minutes. This length is also good for any students working on RCM examinations for level prep to level 5. Intermediate levels (levels 6-9) should have lessons that are 60 minutes in length. Advanced students taking grade 10 piano should have a minimum of 75 minute lessons weekly and ARCT level requires 90 minute lessons weekly for the best results.

At what age can my child get started with an instrument?

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Each instrument has its own recommended starting age. Recommended minimum beginning ages for specified instruments are as follows:

  • Piano: age 3
  • Violin and viola: age 4
  • Cello, drums, xylophone, flute: age 5
  • Guitar (electric, Spanish, bass), recorder: age 6
  • Voice: age 6
  • Clarinet, trombone, euphonium, trumpet, tuba: age 8

When and how can I register for lessons and classes?

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MASTERY accepts registrations throughout the year and the best way to start lessons and classes is to contact our school to speak with our Director, Olga Lockwood, and/or our Administrator, Stephen Choi. You can drop by our school during office hours and/or email/call to make appointments and we will introduce you to our school and discuss the potential teachers to find the best teacher and class for your child. Please see our Contact page to get in touch with us.

Do I need to provide my or my child’s own instrument?

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MASTERY has studios equipped with pianos and provides guitars, flutes, and clarinets for the first lesson only. After the first class, all instruments (other than piano, of course) must be supplied by the student. MASTERY can assist you in acquiring the right instrument at a reasonable price.

Do I need to supply my own music books and textbooks?

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Yes, you will need to purchase your own books. MASTERY stocks and sells reasonably priced instructional material. Copies can also be ordered through its office when necessary.

Where should I park during a lesson or class?

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One-hour street parking is available in the vicinity of MASTERY. You should keep in mind that if you stay more than an hour, you must move your vehicle to avoid a parking ticket.

What happens when a lesson or class is missed?

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As soon as you know that a class will be missed, you should contact the MASTERY office. During office hours, you can telephone 604-568-5854; alternatively, you can use the contact form on the website any time. If advance notice of 24 hours or more is given for missed lessons, the teacher will create a waiting list and the lesson will be scheduled to a future time in the same semester at the discretion of the teacher and subject to time and studio availability. Only two make-ups per semester are allowed when 24 hour notice has been given, subject to the availability of the teacher and when completed in the same semester.

What should I do if circumstances necessitate a withdrawal from the school?

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You must provide written notice (through e-mail or a written note) as soon as you know about this situation. Notice should be given at least 30 days in advance of withdrawal. You will be refunded only for private lessons remaining after the 30-day period. In any event, no refunds will be issued for private lessons after March 1st.

In the case of withdrawing from a class, no refunds are issued after the first week of classes. The reason is that the teacher has already been contractually engaged for the class, and this cannot be reversed.

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