Fee Schedule

  • Annual, non-refundable registration fee: $90.00
  • Monthly payment plan fee: $2 monthly
  • Fee for off-campus end-of-semester concerts: $10.00 per family
  • A 3.75% service fee is charged on all credit card transactions.
  • A $100.00 administration fee is applied to any refunds.
  • The charge for an NSF cheque is $40.00
  • Class and lesson fees are assessed on the basis of the selected offerings and teachers as follows:
    • One hour (combination of 30-minute private lesson accompanied by one of: a theory, sight reading, or ear training class) from $57.00 to $67.00

Early Childhood Classes

  • Music for Toddlers classes (45 minutes): $30 per lesson.
  • Orff classes for three-year-olds (45 minutes): $30 per lesson.
  • Combined Orff and Kodaly classes for four- to five-year-olds (60 minutes): $36 per lesson.
  • Intermediate Orff and recorder classes for five- to seven-year-olds (60 minutes): $36 per lesson.

Other rates depend on a combination of class level, and teacher experience and qualifications. Please, inquire regarding the specific teacher and class for a price quotation.

Other Fees

  • Piano studio rental — $15.00 per hour.
  • Large classroom rental — $20.00 per hour.
  • Music birthday parties — Contact office.

All students must register for the entire school year from September through June. If registration is after September, the tuition is still required to the end of June.

Cash, cheques (2 post-dated cheques or 9 monthly cheques) are required at the time of registration. Debit payment is preferred.