Achievement Certificate Program

Mastery welcomes all students registered in the full academic year (September to June) to participate in our Achievement Certificate Program.

Each level and medal standing is designed to meet the individual needs and interests of our students. In pursuing the certificates, we would like to encourage our students to gain more meaningful music learning experiences and provide strong support for them to discover their full artistic potentials as developing musicians.

Certificate Levels | Junior | Intermediate | Senior

Each level requires a. One 30min (Junior), 45min (Intermediate) or 60min (Senior) MSMV Practical Exam; b. Two concert performances (Dec, March and/or June); and c. a music-based project.

Medal Standings | Bronze | Silver | Gold

For the Medal Standing, students need to complete two (Bronze), four (Silver) or six (Gold) of the following additional requirements:

  1. Performance in the Canadian Concert (or another concert)
  2. Participation in the Annual Concerto Competition
  3. Performance in the Ensemble Concert
  4. Enrolment in the Ensemble/Chamber Group and/or Masterclass(es)/Workshop(s)
  5. Participation in the Kiwanis Festival and/or RCM/CC Exam
  6. Attendance at the monthly MASTERY Faculty Tapestry Concert (or another concert)
  7. Music-related volunteer experiences at MASTERY

All the exams and other certificate requirements must be completed within the current academic year at MASTERY (September-June). All the certificates will be awarded in the March or June concerts following the MASTERY Exam, and the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals will be presented in the final concerts in June.

Examples of Student Work

This is a wonderful video that nine-year-old Angela Choo did as part of her certificate requirement for her gold medal.

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