What Students Say

Olga Lockwood is an exceptional and gifted teacher who is committed to the success of her students. Her skill and dedication makes one exceed their own limitations and pushes them onto greater heights. –Kris P

This is Brandon R the percussion student that recently moved from Winnipeg that is currently studying with Samuel. I just wanted to take a minute to say that I have had an absolute blast studying with Samuel and coming to the school. I have been extremely impressed by how the school is looked after. Coming from a school like the Music Cellar in Winnipeg, I have seen and been part of a school that strives for excellence. The school has that same feel and I wanted to share this feedback as I felt this was important for you to have feedback from students. I also wanted to mention that not only is Samuel a fantastic percussion artist, he is also a great teacher and mentor. I have already improved immensely after working with Samuel for roughly two months only.
Olga, thank-you for providing such a great environment to study percussion. It really has been a pleasure every week.
Brandon R

Family Testimonial

What Parents Say

The combination of Ms. Lockwood’s very positive approach combined with her skill, knowledge and experience is hard to find. Our two children have been the beneficiaries of this and have progressed much more musically than ever before. We are delighted! — Bev M

Dear Olga:
Thank you so much for providing our children with an amazing start in the music world. You have provided us with amazing teachers over the last 3 years. We will never forget that!!! Good luck in the future and we hope our paths will cross again. — The Russells

What Teachers Say

1. Dear Olga:
Thank you so much.
I have greatly enjoyed working at MSMV! Your studio is such a joyful space and brings together a sense of community. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the ensemble concerts, accompanying students and teaching the group classes. Wishing you the best summer and future at the school! TH

2. Dear Olga:
I want to thank you for what has been a very fulfilling year at the MSM. It’s been a great learning experience for me to be teaching at this school and to learn how to deal with different students and parents alike. The experiences have been invaluable! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work here. I’ve really enjoyed my time.
All the best, TC

3. Dear Olga:
Thank you for my time here at the school. These years have been a happy and valuable experience and it was truly a pleasure to participate in building this great project. Sincerely grateful and wishing you continuous success. Keep up the amazing work. AO

4. Dear Olga:
“Thank you” is not enough to express how grateful I am you gave me the opportunity to work at the school almost two years ago. Your care and kindness towards others is very inspiring. JL

5. Dear Director Lockwood:
Just wanted to say “thank you.” I feel so happy to have met you in Vancouver and I’m so excited to be teaching here. XL

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