Concerto Competition Winners

The Mastery Concerto Competition is open to the public and non-Mastery students and teachers are welcome to participate. Our next piano concerto competition will be held in February and March of 2021, and application information will be available by late Fall of 2020.

Third Annual Piano Concerto Competition (2020)

In 2020, the Concerto Competition consisted of only a Piano Competition.
Guest Adjudicator: Irina Faletski
Teachers: Mary-Jo Carrabré, Clinton Denoni, Lisa Lin, Jee Yeon Ryu, Scott Meek, and Claire Yuan
(see photograph, below).

First Place Winners

Level Student
Junior Kevin Zhao
Intermediate Claire-Ann Yan
Senior Irene Wang

Second Place Winners

Level Student
Junior Macdara Wilson
Intermediate Kayla Leung
Senior William Jiang

Third Place Winners

Level Student
Junior Ella Wei
Intermediate Steven Qin

Honourable Mention

Level Student
Junior Gary Zhuo
Intermediate Owen Zhao

Participant Medals

Level Student
Junior Eileen Baradaran, William Ding, John Bie, Alan Wu, Martina Liu, Yiyi Wang
Intermediate Jackson Wu, Emily Liu, Emina He, Yu Han Liu, Eugene Pang

2020 Concerto Competition Winners

Second Annual Piano Concerto and Strings Competition (2019)

[expandsub2 trigclass=”arrows” title=” Click for 2019 details…” swaptitle=” Click to close 2019 details…”]Winners in the 2019 Piano Concerto Competition and Strings Competition, held on February 24th, 2019 (see photographs, below).

First Place Winners

Category Student
Junior Level Piano Concerto Steven Qin
Intermediate Level Piano Concerto Daniel Chen
Advanced Level Piano Concerto Irene Wang
Intermediate Strings Michi Yu
Advanced Strings Charlie Cao

Second Place Winners

Category Student
Junior Level Piano Concerto Macdara Wilson
Intermediate Level Piano Concerto Mark Zhitnitsky
Advanced Level Piano Concerto Leo Fang

Third Place Winners

Category Student
Junior Level Piano Concerto Kevin Zhao
Intermediate Level Piano Concerto Kayla Leung

Honourable Mention

Category Student
Junior Level Piano Concerto YuHan Liu
Intermediate Level Piano Concerto Justin Wang

Trophies and Medals presentation: at the 2019 Awards Recital and Ceremony on March 3, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at Showcase Pianos, 1128 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

2019 Strings Competition Winners

2019 Junior Competition Winners

2019 Intermediate Competition Winners

2019 Senior Competition Winners