Toddler Class

Our Early Music Education Toddler class (for students 18 months-3 years old) focusses on game-based learning and group-play, with one parent/guardian attending each class with their child.

Students are taught to play and recognize high and low sounds, soft and loud sounds, short and long sounds on the xylophone, piano, and various percussion instruments.

Basic note-reading (using solfege) and rhythm reading (quarter notes, and eighth notes) are gradually introduced as well as singing and maintaining a steady tempo in 3/4 and 4/4 time.

Our goal is to help your child develop fine motor skills at various instruments, while fostering a love for music through singing, dancing, and group play instruction, with possible opportunities for two performances in May (at the ensemble recital) and June (at the year-end recital).

We will also feature various instrument demonstrations throughout the year to introduce children to the many musical instruments of both the classical orchestra and the modern rock/pop genre.