Path to ARCT

The table, below, shows a possible path to obtaining the ARCT in piano. The chart is meant as an example of what can be achieved at MASTERY. Please, scroll to see entire table.

AgeTheory ClassRCM Theory ExamPrivate LessonPractical Exam
2Music for Toddlers
5-6Musicianship I - Prep TheoryPreparatory AMSM Certificate A
6-8Musicianship II - Prep TheoryPreparatory BMSM Certificate B
7-9Musicianship III - Level 1 TheoryIntroductoryMSM Certificate Intro
7-9Level 2 TheoryLevel 1MSM Certificate 1
7-9Level 3 TheoryLevel 2MSM Certificate 2
8-10Level 4 TheoryLevel 3MSM Certificate 3
8-10Level 5 TheoryLevel 4MSM Certificate 4
8-11Level 5 & 6 TheoryLevel 5 TheoryLevel 5RCM Level 5 Practical
9-12Level 6 TheoryLevel 6 TheoryLevel 6RCM Level 6 Practical
10-13Level 7 TheoryLevel 7 TheoryLevel 7RCM Level 7 Practical
11-14Level 8 TheoryLevel 8 TheoryLevel 8RCM Level 8 Practical
12-15Harmony, HistoryGrade 9 Harmony, Grade 9 HistoryLevel 9RCM Level 9 Practical
13-16Harmony, HistoryGrade 10 Harmony, Counterpoint; Grade 10 HistoryLevel 10RCM Level 10 Practical
14-18Harmony, History, AnalysisARCT Harmony, Counterpoint; ARCT History; ARCT AnalysisARCTARCT Performer's
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