Suzuki Violin

Classes are arranged according to the Suzuki Book (one to four). Following level four, students may move to string ensembles and chamber music ensembles.

Every week each student will have a private lesson and then participate during a group lesson. The individual lesson provides one-on-one time for the instructor to address any problems and introduce new concepts. It is also a time for the parent, who will be present, to ask any questions they may have. The group lesson is a chance for all students to learn, perform, and enjoy the music with their peers. It is a wonderful environment for learning and motivation and also teaches children to be a considerate listener when others are playing and to support one another.

The child will be required to listen to the Suzuki material daily, both actively and inactively (eg., during dinner, in the car, etc.). Along with listening skills, the student will develop technique, rhythm, and tonality. As the child grows, the teacher will begin to incorporate note reading and theory.

It is truly amazing to see the progress that can be achieved when a child’s ability is nurtured by the instructor, the parent and their peers in a positive environment.

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