The method of music instruction for young children developed by Carl Orff, German composer and educator, stresses as its ultimate purpose the enrichment of life through the development of inherent musicality. The spontaneous rhythms children create in their rhymes, chants, and games provide a natural starting point for this development. The Orff program offers a sequence of classes for children 3 1/2 to 10 years old. A progressive development of musical skill, creativity, and aesthetic awareness is achieved through work with the elements of music contained in speech patterns, poetry, song, and movement. A heightened awareness of rhythm and melody is developed through playing soprano, alto, and tenor recorders, and a wide range of percussion instruments, some with and some without pitch. The Orff program develops musicality in a natural and joyful environment, and it provides excellent preparation for other instrumental programs offered at MSMV.

Orff and Kodaly will be included once per month in all musicianship classes.