Mastery offers opportunities for ensembles and performance through master classes, recitals (up to four times a year), examinations, competitions, and community service. Ensembles may consist of clarinet or other woodwind duets and trios. Voice students have options of getting together with drum, piano, and guitar students for live garage-band practices, as well as practising different genres, such as pop, rock, and musical theatre.

Private students are encouraged to participate in small performing groups. These students will prepare for recitals that take place in December, May, and June. Some groups may participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival, as well as other local festivals such as Point Grey Days, Richmond Night Market, and the PNE Winter Wonderland.

Ensemble playing is not only immensely enjoyable in terms of social interaction and a sense of accomplishment, but it provides significant music education in terms of strengthening the sense of rhythm and the ability to perceive the balance of sound among members.

The school provides opportunity for duets, trios, or string quartets, and garage band classes. Additionally, there are classes in guitar chamber, string chamber, flute chamber, and saxophone chamber.

Additional ensembles are being added by teachers throughout the year as they match students according to their levels of proficiency. Mastery encourages you to contact the school if you or your child is interested in group performance classes.

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