MSMV offers various levels of early childhood instruction, where Kodaly principles and techniques are applied.

Kodaly and Orff classes are included once per month in all musicianship classes.

Kodaly Levels

  • K3: Three-year-old children learn to participate in group games which emphasize exploration of sound, co-operation and development of self-confidence.
  • K4-K5: Four- and five-year-old children learn basic rhythmic and interval patterns and refine their listening skills through simple song and games. They develop accuracy of pitch, and are introduced to the musical staff. Solfa notation and hand signs are introduced.
  • K6-K7: Six- and seven-year-old children learn sol-fa notation, hand signs, the names of notes, joining up rhythmic patterns, and the pitch of notes on the musical staff. This is excellent preparation for beginning the study of an instrument or voice.
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