Annual Concerto Competition Awards

Congratulations to all students who participated in our Annual Concerto Competition 2021! Our guest adjudicator was Jonathan Der. We had a wonderful day of great performances from our students. This year, we had piano, violin, flute, and saxophone students performing. Following the competition, we had our Awards Concerts at MSMVan™ for the families. Thank you, everyone, for being part of our competition. We look forward to seeing you and all the new students next year!
Junior Piano
• 1st – Eileen Baradaran
• 2nd – Leo Ryan & Artin Asl
Intermediate Piano
• 1st – Gary Zhuo
• 2nd – Yuhan Liu
• 3rd – Macdara Wilson & William Ding
Advanced Piano
• 1st – Kayla Leung
• 2nd – Mark Zhitnitsky
Junior Woodwinds and Strings
• 1st – Terry Wang, saxophone
Intermediate Woodwinds and Strings
• 1st – Raymond Feng, violin
• 2nd – Frank Fang, saxophone
• 3rd – Veronica An, flute
Advanced Woodwinds and Strings
• 1st – Rosie Wu, flute
Honourable Mention
• Karl Puno, violin
• Owen Zhao, piano
Gillian Carrabré, Mary-Jo Carrabré, Clinton Denoni, Keelan Hui, Mikyla Jensen, and Jee Yeon Ryu

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