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Music Certification Examination Program

MSMVan has created a unique examination opportunity for piano students at the school. The Royal Conservatory and Conservatory Canada offer formal examinations four times a year; however, some students are ready to move on to the next level at times that are not synchronized with Conservatory examinations. Additionally, the cost of Conservatory examinations is high and not always affordable for families. They also do not provide a way to measure the students’ progress in their early years of music study.

In 2011, the piano faculty developed a more flexible examination that allows teachers to have their students evaluated whenever they have completed set goals by having them present their pieces to other piano faculty in the school. The teacher, rather than the examining board, determines the repertoire. A formal written evaluation of the examination is completed by the examining teacher and a certificate is then presented to the student at the student recital. Each student also has a 15-minute mini-lesson with the examining teacher. The cost of the site-based examinations is more affordable. These examinations can begin as early as Level One Faber and Faber and usually end at Level 5, at which time the students, now better prepared, opt for the formal RCM or Conservatory Canada national examinations that result in provincial school credits.

The examination fee is $35.00.

MSMVan is now developing its examination system to include other instruments in the school.

Here are some of our faculty’s comments:

For the past three years, my students and I have been participating in the Mozart Certification Examination Program. As a teacher, the program offers me the flexibility to choose the repertoire and technical requirements that meet the needs, interests, and goals of the individual students. I also greatly value the opportunities that the program creates for my students to gain more performing experiences and to learn from the other faculty members in our school. By participating in the Mozart Certification Examination Program, my students have been gaining more confidence in their piano playing, and for us, it has been a great way of successfully achieving various short- and long-term goals throughout the semesters. Thank you, Olga and all the faculty examiners, for providing positive, meaningful performing and learning experiences for my students!
–Jee Yeon Ryu, MSM Piano Faculty

The Mozart Examination is a valuable and affordable tool that helps to prepare students for external examinations, festivals, and competitions. I have witnessed that, in preparing for the Mozart Examination, my students made substantial improvements in their playing and concentration, as well as in their commitment to practice, their self-confidence, and their overall enthusiasm towards piano. On the day they receive their certificate, students and their parents feel proud and accomplished after all of the hard work that went into planning and preparation of the repertoire. Unlike most outside examinations, Mozart’s provides students a mini-lesson with their adjudicator immediately following the exam itself. This is an excellent opportunity for students to receive feedback from a different teacher.
— Daniel Furtado, former MSM Piano Faculty

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