Irene M Setiawan (BMus, DMA)

After several years of learning to play the piano, Irene Setiawan started studying composition and performed her own compositions in several concerts in Indonesia as a member of Yamaha’s Junior Original Concert. After studying with dedicated Indonesian pedagogues, So Kim Wie and Sienny Debora, her frequent performances led to achievements including winning top prizes at Sydney Performing Arts Challenge in 2001 and the UPH Piano Competition in 2004, as well as being the First runner up in the UBC Concerto Competition in 2013. Besides performing as a solo pianist, Irene has also performed with other instrumentalists and choirs.

Irene’s previous studies, performances, and experiences have shaped her as a solo and collaborative performer, as well as a music educator and an arranger.

Irene holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore in 2009, where she studied with Leon Fleisher’s pupil Dr. Thomas Hecht with a full scholarship. She taught piano in Singapore for a year before coming to UBC to study with Dr. Sara Davis Buechner. Recently, she completed her doctoral research in the field of piano arrangements, particularly Hummel’s arrangement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto in C major, K. 503, under the guidance of Dr. Corey Hamm and Dr. Hedy Law. She is looking forward to creating more piano arrangements for pedagogical and performance purposes.

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