MSMVan has designed its own proprietary music program called “Musicianship.” Musicianship is supplemented by MSMVan’s own proprietary Music Certification Examinations that precede RCM Level 5 (which is when RCM examinations begin). Musicianship classes are suitable for 6 – 10 year-old students.

As of the 2016-17 school year, the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations have added a theory book for Preparatory, Introductory, and Levels 1 to 4 for all instruments and voice. This means that, now, children who begin lessons, for example, at age five or six, will be able to have additional music theory. MSMVan makes use of the new RCM books in its musicianship program.

When children begin private instrument or voice lessons (typically of 45-minute duration), they are required to take a corresponding 30-45 minute Musicianship class which significantly accelerates their learning by means of relevant weekly lessons on topics such as note reading, ear training, and singing back.

Monthly Approach of All Musicianship Classes

  1. One week of Orff and Kodaly,
  2. one week of ear training and exploration,
  3. one week of music mind games, and
  4. one week of theory using the RCM Prep to Level 4 theory books.

Musicianship 1

This class is designed for beginner private instrument or voice students, ages five to six. This enjoyable class will cover theory using RCM Prep Theory, as well as ear training and “Music Mind Games.” The areas covered include

  1. note reading and notating on the staff and ledger lines,
  2. understanding C Major and A Minor scales and triads,
  3. counting rhythm in simple time—4/4 and 2/4,
  4. observational skills of all the musical terminology and signs on the music score, and
  5. ear training—singing back and clapping back short two-bar melodies—and identifying major and minor chords.

MSMVan also has a Musicianship 1 level for older beginners (ages 7 – 9) which will cover the RCM Prep Theory, as well as RCM Level One Theory book within the 10-month course. Other elements of musicianship continue with music exploration (listening and identifying structure in music).

Musicianship 2

This class is a continuation of Musicianship I and caters to students who are in their second year of private lessons. Typically, these students will have some difficulty reading music. The RCM Level One theory in semester one and Level Two in semester two will be used, along with the progression of ear-training skills. This class is extended to 45 minutes to include10 – 15 minutes of weekly sight reading skills using the RCM Prep, Introductory, and Level 1 sight reading books.

Musicianship 3

This class is designed for students with at least 2 years of private lessons.

The class is 45 minutes in length and includes 10 – 15 minutes of weekly sight reading using Level 1 to Level 3 RCM Sight Reading books.

RCM Level Two theory is used initially with progression to Level Three and Level Four theory by completion by June. Students will be ready to begin Royal Conservatory of Music Level 5 examination preparation upon completion of this course.


Class Times–See Schedule


  • RCM Theory (at the appropriate level)

Required textbooks can be purchased or ordered from MSMVan at the time of registration.

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