2019-20 Term 1 and Term 2

All Private Lessons begin in the week of September 2-8, 2019.
Unless otherwise noted, all Group Classes begin in the week of September 16-21.

Please, scroll to see entire table. Note: SR stands for Sight Reading and MUS stands for Musicianship

MUS A5-6yrsMon5:30-6:00pm
Piano Class AMon6:00-6:30pmco-requisite: MUS A
MUS B6-7yrsMon4:30-5:00pm
Piano Class BMon5:00-5:30pmco-requisite: MUS B
SRLevel 2-3Mon5:00-5:30pm
TheoryLevel 5-8Mon7:00-8:15pm
Guitar EnsemblestudentsMon7:00-7:45pmStarts Sep 23
Guitar Ensemblebeginner adultsMon7:45-8:30pmmonthly, Sep 23
MUS Prep5-6yrsTue5:30-6:00pm
MUS Prep/17rs & upTue6:00-6:45pm
MUSLevel 4Tue4:15-5:00pm
MUSLevel 5Tue6:30-7:15pm
MUSLevel 2Wed4:15-5:00pm
MUSLevel 3Wed6:00-6:45pm
Ear-trainingup to RCM 5Wed5:00-5:30pm
Ear-trainingRCM 6 & upWed6:00-6:30pm
HarmonyLevel 9Wed6:30-8:00pm
HarmonyLevel 10Wed8:00-9:30pm
MUS 17yrs & upThu4:00-4:45pm
SRLevel 6-8Thu5:30-6:00pm
Piano TechniqueRCM 6 & upThu6:30-7:15pm
Music Appreciation12-17yrsThu7:30-8:15pmTBA
Garage Band IBeginnersThu7:30-8:30pmStarts Sep 26
Music AppreciationadultsThu8:15-9:00pmmonthly
Suzuki Violin EnsembleFri4:00-5:00pmStarts Sep 27
SRLevel 4-5Fri4:30-5:00pm
TheoryLevel 6Fri6:00-6:45pm
TheoryLevel 7-8Fri5:15-6:00pm
Preschool Music3-4yrsSat9:00-9:45am1yr program - NEW!
Tiny Tots18mo-3yrsSat9:50-10:30am
Preschool Music4-5yrsSat11:30-12:30pm2yr program - NEW!
Starts Sep 21
Chigiri-e Artadults/studentsSat2:00-4:00pmSep 21, Oct 26, Dec 7, Jan 18, Feb 22, April 18, May 23, June 13
Student OrchestraSat4:00-5:00pm
Vocal Ensembleadults/studentsSat4:30-5:15pmTBA
Garage Band IIintermed.-advancedSat5:00-6:00pmStarts Sep 28
Guitar Jam for adultsSat6:15-7:15pmmonthly, TBA
Piano Soundscape7-12yrsSun2:00-3:00pmOct 27, Nov 24, Jan 26, Feb 23, Apr 26, May 31
Piano Ensemble for adultsSun3:00-4:00pmOct 27, Nov 24, Jan 26, Feb 23, Apr 26, May 31
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